California Open Primary a Waste of Taxpayer Money

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Voters have been Hoodwinked by the Right-Wing Again!


Make no mistake about it, the current California Open Primary law is a total waste of money, time, effort and politics. As it stands right now, why do we even have a primary? It serves no purpose other than for the moneyed candidates to completely suppress the voters right to their own choices. IF we had the political will we put it back the way it was which is the way it should be.

BullyThe whole purpose of a Primary election is so that the various political parties can choose their candidates who will then challenge candidates from the other parties in the General Election thereby allowing the voters to choose from among competing philosophies. Simple, straight forward and winner takes all.

California voters were hoodwinked by the right wing conservatives with lies, innuendo and total nonsense arguments to completely erode and effectively suppress the various parties right to pick their own candidates and thereby remove the voters right of choice.

Where both candidates for the General Election are from the same party, read Republican here, (do you really believe that there would ever be just two Green Party or two Democratic candidates – really?) There is no real choice here other than just which stuffed white Republican shirt you want to cast the right wing vote in whatever position they hold.

You must understand that the Republican Party Law Makers vote in lockstep and at the direction of the Tea Party OR they loose their job in the next election. It makes no difference what the individual Republican candidate says he believes because the tune is called by the handful of billionaires who run the party. Absolutely none of these Republican Candidates will stand up to their masters or ALEC which sends them their bills to introduce and get passed in their areas.

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